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Structural Analysis

Our ‘in house’ engineers have extensive knowledge and experience within the industry. MFE can provide conventional manual calculations for design or estimating purposes. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) model generation can be applied for complex geometries, façade blast analysis, seismic analysis, glass panels, complex façade brackets and hybrid structures. Our calculations are be produced in line with BS, EN and/or US codes.

Wind Load Analysis

Wind load analysis is an essential part of the building envelope design process. High winds can be very destructive because they generate pressure against the surface of a structure. The intensity of this pressure is the wind load.

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis focuses on heat transfer and thermal dynamics in buildings, including steady-state and transient multidimensional conduction, convection, radiation, heating and cooling load calculation, and thermal control.

Design Audit

MFE can provide design audits for the specialist subcontractors design package, which includes Drawing reviews to make sure that they comply with the specification, technical, performance and client requirements

Façade Site Inspections

MFE are able to provide regular site inspections to observe the installation process of the façade. Integrate multiple disciplines – from architects to electrical, mechanical, and structural engineers – to successfully design, analyze, construct, and manage buildings of all types and scales.

Façade System Design

MFE has the capability to develop bespoke façade systems, which can be tailored to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of a specific project. The foundation of a successful facade is innovative system design and engineering. We develop custom solutions to each new project, derived from a robust framework of technology and know-how. Design considerations range from the aesthetic and performance requirements determined in collaboration with the architect, to the fabrication and installation requirements that must be anticipated by the system design to assure a successful project completion.

Whole Building Envelope Design

MFE is a pro-active design resource for delivering full comprehensive building envelope design packages from start to finish and to programme. Our experienced Project Design team have a wealth of experience and have worked on prestigious projects throughout the UK and overseas.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) & Complex Geometry

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is changing how buildings, infrastructure and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed.

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